~ About L-BRIS~

Lipidic Bio-Regulated Inhibitor of Stress and Anxiety

How to get rid of stress? How to get free of anxiety? Finally a simple, proven, method, L-BRIS, is a giant leap in the science of controlling stress through biochemical balance. L-BRIS provides bioactive substances that help to regulate the body chemical responses to stress and anxiety and to inhibit their negative physical and mental symptoms.

Almost everybody have felt stress, anxiety or both. We know how it feels, but very few of us are aware of how extensive damage it may cause to our body and mind when it repeats day after day. We most certainly will live shorter and with more physical and mental progressive disabilities. Who wants that?

If you have tried mind tricks and emotional control methods, if you needed to resource to anxiety pills, herbs and supplements, you know how exhausting, life limiting and in some cases fruitless that path can be. At our laboratories and with the sponsorship of non profit organizations, we have been able to develop what may very well be the end of your troubles.

L-BRIS contains a bio-regulating complex that can mitigate or inhibit your body reaction to stress. It is conveniently delivered through your largest organ, the skin, perfect for those who prefer to avoid the hassle of taking pills. It penetrates delicately the skin barrier, so you can simply spray it on a small area of your skin morning and evening and there you go to a life without anxiety or stress.

Too simple to be true? That is not what are thinking the more than 100 scientists who have worked on it for the past five years in various research laboratories. Certainly far from what are thinking the lucky 2,380 volunteers who participated in trials and who are now able to enjoy a stress-free life.

If you want to know more about the science behind L-BRIS, click on the SCIENCE tab at the menu of this site. You can also simply have a look at the following results from clinical trials on 2,380 volunteers of diverse age, race, gender, profession and country:


Less symptoms in 60 days


Less symptoms in 90 days


Better sleep since first weeks


Satisfaction from regular users

~ L-BRIS ~

Living at ease

  • Good ideas are rare

    Wednesday, 23rd January 2013 / The idea

    In 2013, over 100 million people worldwide suffer from stress, anxiety and the many health issues, often fatal, caused by those disorders. Medicines and therapeutic methods manage to mitigate the symptoms but not creating resistance or an efficient immunity. A team of bioscientists proposes a solution with an innovative approach: to reinforce the resistance to stress through regulating an specific biochemical balance at a cellular level. ==>

    The L-BRIS project is launched

  • Hard work and extensive trials

    23rd January 2013 - 19th January 2018 / The road

    Along five years of arduous research and development and extensive trials, with the valuable work of dozens of scientists and specialized personnel, with extensive funding from public interest organizations and with access to the most advanced and experimental biotechnologies in existence, L-BRIS was successfully created. A simple, innovative and efficient Stress and Anxiety Inhibitor. ==>

    L-BRIS is ready

  • An innovative solution for a better life

    Monday, 29th January 2018 / The Solution

    L-BRIS is finally released. It is presented in a transdermal solution that can be easily sprayed on the skin. It also provides a separate day/night time formula, ensuring that the body receives what it needs 24-hours a day for an efficient bio-regulation of the process that respond to stress, including second-hand stress. When longer is used, a stronger shield is achieved in the inhibition of stress and anxiety with no need for numbing the nervous system, keeping the user in full use of his/her mental and intellectual abilities.

    Now L-BRIS allows to live at ease

  • 2012

    Over 100 million people suffer health issues derived from stress in developed countries...

    In the US alone 32 millions are affected by stress and anxiety.

  • 2013

    Habu Scientific with the funding of the CFC Foundation started the research for an efficient stress and anxiety mitigation remedy with no secondary effects.

  • 2018

    The population affected by stress and anxiety in developed countries has doubled to 210 million.

    After 5 years of research and testing, L-BRIS is released.

5 years of research

2380 test subjects


~ How it works ~

Simple to use, works day and night. Live with no stress and anxiety-free anytime, anywhere.

  • Apply

    To control stress and anxiety, spray some L-BRIS/day (6-8 short whiffs) in a small area of your skin, anywhere in your body. L-BRIS will penetrate through your skin and will release inside your body bio-supportive substances which will regulate your body reactions to stress in a natural way. Wait 20-30 minutes and wipe your skin to remove any oily remains.
  • Live

    Go and do what you do daily. Work, study, shop, anything you usually do or want to do. You are stress protected from Day 1. Stress and anxiety are under efficient control.
  • Shield

    If a very stressing situation arises or will arise, repeat the application preventively. This is only valid for the first three months of treatment, after 90 days of regular use no extra applications will be needed.
  • Rest

    At the end of your day and about 45-60 minutes before sleep, spray a few of the content of L-BRIS/night (6-8 short whiffs) in a small area of your skin, anywhere in your body. Wait 20-30 minutes and wipe your skin. Enjoy a peaceful night of sleep.

~ Research Team ~

83 scientists, doctors and technical staff involved

~ The Science ~

Read this if you want to know the science behind L-Bris or go on to the next section

Most stress and anxiety relief methods or remedies either numb your nervous system or help you to emotionally handle stress. L-BRIS works in a completely different way, it goes to cellular level and prepares your body to be impervious to stress. You remain fully alert and in full capacities, but your sensitivity to stress drops between 30% to 100% depending on length of use.

There is also a special formula which will greatly reduce or fully inhibit most emotional and physical stress from PMS and/or menopause, including hot flushes, palpitations, etc. it is called ST L-BRIS. You find more information on ST L-BRIS here.


Some minerals and bioactive compounds have actions in the body, at cellular level, that regulate health and promote improved health benefits. Many are studied in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disorders including the hormonal and biochemical factors that cause or contribute to those life threatening disorders. Stress and anxiety inhibitors are part of such studies.


In a stressful situation the brain amygdala will message the hypothalamus to release corticotropin-releasing hormone. This in turn makes the pituitary gland to release adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACH) and the adrenal glands start to produce cortisol. This cortisol together with adrenaline and norepinephrine production cause the main symptoms of stress and anxiety.


Being anxious is more than just being stressed out. Stress and anxiety are inherently different. Stress comes from a response to what seems to be a threat, anxiety comes directly from fear. Both can be, however, closely entangled and derivative as much in what relates to the mind as at body level. L-BRIS armours the body chemical reaction to both and inhibit the symptoms.


Studies of transmembrane movement of lipids have provided new insight into the regulation of membrane lipid asymmetry and the biogenesis of cell membranes. These kinds of studies are harbingers of a new generation of progress in the field of cell membranes. Some lipids have recently been implicated in facilitating membrane fusion. Lipidic regulators may take advantage of cell processes. There is some confusion between lipids and fats as while not all lipids are fats, all fats are lipids. L-BRIS does not contain phospholipids or steroids but contains non soluble, non solidifying triglycerides able to float in cells cytoplasm, as well as lipoproteins and glycolipids of the type that can be found in a cellular membrane exoplasmic surface.


The symptoms that stress and anxiety may cause and which L-BRIS may inhibit are among others: blood pressure and pulse rate rise, rapid breathing, breathing difficulty, decreased immune response, sweating, pain in the back or chest, cramps or muscle spasms, erectile dysfunction and loss of libido, headache, nervous twitches, pins and needles, sleeping difficulties, stomach upset, increased urinary excretion, skin dryness and skin rashes. Also may appear anger, anxiety, burnout, concentration issues, depression, fatigue, a feeling of insecurity, forgetfulness, irritability, food cravings, anorexia, alcohol or substances abuse, nail biting, restlessness, sadness, overeating and weight issues.


L-BRIS regulate over 300 biochemical reactions in the body through enzyme co-factors. It also supports the reactions that generate and use ATP within the body’s cells. L-BRIS regulates as well electrolyte balance, regulates RNA, has DNA protective action and stabilizes hormonal ions throughout the body. Plasma analyzed by atomic absorption spectrophotometer showed L-BRIS capacity to elevate vital minerals absorption. It regulates N-methyl D aspartate neuroreceptors on the cell membranes in the brain. L-BRIS refrains excessive release of ACTH and has a direct impact on the function of the transport of protein p-glucoprotein, influencing the access of corticosteroids to the brain.

~ Testimonials ~

From people who smile again


Jamie Lowry, RN, TX

As an ER nurse I not only see stress and anxiety at work but I live it every single day. Before L-BRIS my life was like to be in a tornado every single day. With L-BRIS I can enjoy my life and my job again. Simple but exactly as it feels.


Jefferson White, Professional Sportsman, Ontario

I've had therapy, prescriptions, etc., but nothing has been as effective as this.


Nikki Toivola, CEO, Finland

I was prescribed a mood stabilizer and antipsychotic medication for coping with the anxiety, stress and anger I was getting at work. It helped but reduced me to 30% of what I used to be. This simple very smart spray works for me. I am back to my 100% but without the Jekyll side.


Geraldo Devalos, TV producer, NY

I am no longer taken hostage by other people's stress or my own mind. L-Bris has helped me to be more engaged in what I am doing which translates into less unnecessary work overall

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